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309 Honey

is a deliberate selection of our premium grade, handcrafted manuka honey with the honey connoisseur in mind.

Manuka Honey from 309 Road NZ

Harvested and packaged locally on the Coromandel with due care and attention to bring the best quality Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey from 309 Road NZ

309 Honey are  registered through New Zealand Food Safety Authority and Agriquality as Producer, Packager, Wholesaler Retailer and Exporter of New Zealand  Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey from 309 Road NZ


309  Manuka Honey has been tested and calibrated as per the level of Methylglyoxal present in a core sample of the whole amount of honey being tested. The rating is given in  milligrams  per kilogram of Methylglyoxal present in the sample. The testing is carried out in a certified NZ laboratory .

Grading of Manuka honey

A honeybee starts the Manuka Honey making process by visiting Manuka flowers and gathering nectar. Most flower nectars are made of sucrose and fructose but some Manuka nectar can contain both Methylglyoxal (MGO) and Dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

These special chemical markers are specific to Manuka nectar and are now used scientifically to grade the quality of Manuka honey. The honey bees ripen the nectar before storing in the hive by introducing an enzyme called Glucose Oxidase. The introduction of this enzyme sets off a continuum of chemical exchange within Manuka honey. The general trend of the reaction is that the DHA reduces over time and the MGO increases. The exchange process can carry on very slowly for a period of years depending on the chemistry of the honey sample.

The levels of DHA and MGO are used to qualify and quantify Manuka honey in the market place today.

309 Honey with a rating of 30mg/kg – 80mg/kg Methylglyogal - may be considered a Blend of Manuka nectar and some other plant nectars combined. A great table honey with Manuka flavour. This is the lowest end of the budget

309 Honey with a rating of 100mg/kg – 200mg/kg Methylglyoxal - may be considered an excellent quality Manuka Honey suitable for table use.

309 Honey with a rating of 200mg/kg and above - is considered to be the higher quality Manuka Honey and systematically as the Methylglyoxal mg/kg increases it is considered to have increased market value. The uses of this of this higher end Manuka honey are many and various and their properties are still being scientifically investigated.

At 309 Honey we continuously test and track the progress of our Manuka Honey. Through certified laboratory testing of DHA and MGO from the point of honey harvest we can determine the optimum time to pack and market our range of Manuka honey so that our consumers can be assured to enjoy the best quality in whatever range of Manuka Honey they choose.


Manuka Honey from 309 Road NZ
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